Details - Process and Procedures

10 Steps to Funding

1.  Submit a Loan Quote Request

Enter transaction and property details into Loan Quote Request form.

2.  Initial Proposal / Collaboration

Receive an initial proposal via email detailing assumptions for profit / loss.

3.  Lender Property Inspection

Meet to affirm property eligibility and Scope of Work plan.

4.  Terms Agreement

Come to terms and agree on financing proposal.

5.  Conditional Lending Commitment

MMI issues conditional financing commitment in writing.

6.  Document Submission

Required documents submitted from Borrower to MMI for underwriting.

7.  Underwriting and Approval

MMI performs due diligence and issues loan approval.

8.  Document Preparation

Deed of Trust, Note, and closing documents are prepared based upon agreed terms.

9.  Settlement Statement Preparation

Loan documents are sent to title company for settlement statement preparation.

10.  Closing and Funding

Funding wire is sent and released upon MMI receiving signed funding package.