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Developing real estate, or "fixing and flipping" is an exercise in creative expression and financial savvy. It is exciting and rewarding work that benefits lots of other people besides the developers. Developing real estate has traditionally been a cash intensive proposition and has therefore kept most would-be participants from getting in the game.

Mortgage Money, Inc. offers a great loan product designed for those candidates with low cash flow who may be in need of extra financial support and guidance from an experienced lender.

Borrowers come to Mortgage Money, Inc. for loans that are too risky for other lenders; they come to MMI for customized unique lending solutions; for quick turn around and funding; for transaction rescues, for 100% financing of acquisition, improvements and carrying costs; for a high level of expertise in both lending and real estate; for experience they may lack; for a relationship with a “money guy” that is reliable and predictable and feels more like a partner than a bank; they come to Mortgage Money Inc. for flexibility, common sense underwriting, and higher Loan-to-Value-After-Improvements (LTVAI) than any other lender in town. 

We don’t compete for those very safe types of loans with money down, good credit and monthly payments; our product is more niche.  Mortgage Money Inc. primarily serves non-prime and highly leveraged borrowers, which tends to put our loans in a higher risk category than other lenders in this particular market space; similar to a “sub-prime” category in traditional lender parlance.

Consider Mortgage Money, Inc. for your next investment property project. Good luck with your real estate investing, thanks for stopping by!